Thursday, October 21, 2010


say the soul has three parts ... a connection to corruption a body that must die ... a connection to eternity a mind that understands universals ... and a connection to god inasmuch as the soul can love ... that we are tired of pain and trying and want to sleep ... that one thing only holds our interest and keeps us awake the search for truth ... that one thing and one thing only is eternal from start to finish from before and beyond ... the love of god and what god loves ... say all this is true what we say here about the soul ... how does the american gnostic see it ... that he's ancient and as old as god ... yes inasmuch as god loves him ... that once he hears the whole story he will be free ... yes the truth will set him free and it will have the one complete story to tell ... that the soul will be solitary at the moment of her greatest transfiguration ... well yes but not to do or say or talk about later ... for the soul then will be god but not and this is important the soul as we ever know it

bloom, the american religion p99

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