Saturday, October 30, 2010


if you think clearly then you will love ... so it is all about thinking ... well love too if love justifies thought ... and I'd leave it there a happy dualist not of opponents but of amicable components if I could if I weren't obsessed and driven by the myth of three ... what's odd though is how little I have to spend to find a natural third ... good thinking and good will ... reason and love yes but whose ... my love my thought or yours but who are we two ... my love my thought but who or what am I ... my drive my desire my wit and penetration but everything I do is grounded first in me ... not self-centered but centered in myself ... everything I experience starts with me ... how could it not ... but see see this might be a clue ... who'd bother to think to try if he weren't first prompted by some kind of care some kind of love ... and who what would I be without some thought to see myself reflected ... who then would I be or how possibly without thought without love ... this who I am yes indeed but without thought without love nothing

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