Monday, November 01, 2010


demons and devils slip by unnoticed in our culture because of their metaphysical make-up because of its spiritual nature ... in the context of our material age we may not take them seriously perhaps until we pause to consider ... how real is real ... is it the sharp pain in my side right now or that thing I did when I was ten that plagues me still fifty years later ... which is real the thing just done or the next thing on the horizon ... when we search for their meaning which do we find more ethereal quark angel or thought ... in which is the odor most compelling in evil in the devil or the corpse ... which promises to have the most effect the longest and what if it's right ... I know these sensations now in the timing of the pattern but that the pattern itself must end I get from the testimony of others by their spoken or written word and my memory for it ... as the medium changes something about the message stays the same ... I love I hate it ... the thing itself will not change ... a constancy of spirit in darkness or in light ... surrounded by damned souls or fallen angels it never does read false

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