Friday, November 12, 2010


LJC SOTLG HMOM AS ... name the authority ... give the source of his authority ... say what it is you want ... explain why you need it ... politics metaphysics and theology psychology anthropology ... say you do say the prayer and you find the edges mellow ... but you are warned against the unauthorized use of the prayer and are told two things to watch for ... irritability and humility ... that the first showed you going wrong ... think hitler ... while the second leads to the company of the sages and the saints ... but say the name of stalin ... he was wrong but not was he discontented ... couldn't he have lulled himself content with his own demonic litany his own luciferic light ... he was a seminarian he would know how to do it ... and just how do you say he couldn't be right even if he thought he was ... even if he said I did all that I did to push the needle through a thick patch and we closed up with a tight knot just in time ... put to trial he'd be proud ... his content would be fierce ... materialistic machiavellian gnostic eugenic he'd be someone's utopian hero ... he'd be all that but not humble

frederica matthewes-green, the jesus prayer, ch 2

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