Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I'll go out on a limb as they say and wonder who's out on it with me ... if thinking is a conversation inside your head prayer is its perfection ... and further out on the bending branch to say ... all things by nature tend towards the source of the conversation the one who started it ... sounds gnostic ... it is after all about thinking ... but it's more ... you can tell because it doesn't end in itself ... if thinking is a conversation even when you're alone it sounds like talking to yourself ... but it's not ... we have a culture that's wrong and this is one of the ways it doesn't work ... what if in fact talking to yourself can't be done ... if talking meant a conversation and conversation meant at least two ... that whenever you were thinking you were never alone ... if we were part of a culture that took this for fact we'd do infinitely more with the thought of it than our culture does but first we'd want to identify the speakers ... what do they sound like ... what do they say ... are they right or wrong ... forceful graceful sweet or brutal ... what are they made of ... how do they live and do they die

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