Friday, November 05, 2010


what's this thing about pride ... is it simply selfish when sinful and generous when it's a virtue ... what good thing was ever done alone ... what bad thing that didn't try to hide ... the recognition of excellence entails a celebration a party a feast ... the commission of a crime makes you want to flee the scene ... and so with pride ... the good kind draws us together the bad kind makes us scatter ... what's the difference between aircraft debris landing in your back yard and the arrival of the first sparrow ... something broken and something well-made ... premonition of death and cause for celebration ... why is a wedding a twelve-hour festival and the honeymoon a mystery of being private but not alone ... what's the bond that pulls us apart ... the scheme that makes suicide the most lively option ... what's the motive behind false pride that isn't found in its name a lie ... waiting here patiently for the bus to take me from someone to someone else ... here for the bones creaking and the aches roaming there is no pride or isolation but for the moment time enough for a laugh

peck, people of the lie, "narcissism and will", pp 77-84

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