Saturday, November 13, 2010


modern philosophy at least since rationalism met empirical scepticism since kant met hume has been tossing a hot potato down the centuries ... necessity ... becomes certainy becomes logical implication becomes language becomes culture becomes meaning becomes custom becomes perception becomes sensation becomes neural becomes electrical becomes photon becomes my way of seeing the light and yours ... joins the east subscribes to maya hopes for nirvana but has this in agreement before it goes ... everything's mental ... either the universe has a mind or it's in my mind ... the cosmos is ideal maybe not perfect but made of idea experience awareness ... win or fail it's a grand intellectual adventure ... the sharper the mind the more precise and universal its control ... while the priesthood chants random selection the technicians adjust the dials ... while the academics certify chance and expel design the politicians rig the wheel and plan your future ... it's the age of nostradamus the cosmic gnostic

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