Thursday, November 04, 2010


lazy analysis or we've already eaten too much ... when we aren't ready to hear the obvious truth ... when we've just no room for any more of it ... we are the food we eat inasmuch as we choose it ... but what if in fact we eat ethereally before we get down to grits ... from the unconscious through the subconscious the preconscious up through the water into the light ... each morning reborn again with the manna still in our mouth ... the ideas of salvation and resurrection to eternal life dissolving on our tongue ... dissolving they have their effect ... they nourish us ... they tell us what's to come ... and like zombies we follow their lead stumbling off into the day ... it would all be a dream if we weren't doing what someone else wants us to ... if all we had was our way ... and the dream would be a nightmare ... so whom do we follow and which way tonight will we sleep ... hands first head next down through the deep back up into the light ... or head first but backwards down into the night and still face down up into the morning wondering what what was it I just saw

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