Saturday, November 06, 2010


conscious or unconscious choices ... I've heard of unconscious motives but am used to thinking of choices as necessarily conscious ... so let's see what you'd have to do to either word to make it fit the other ... conscious I take to mean me ... I mean the ego ... but I know when I do I'm being particular ... widening out to more general a sense of who I am we each may take freud's reflected trinity ... our expression of the father's power I'm sad to say is as you know perverted ... freud called it the id ... it's the id that's subconscious ... and now we want to say the id has its choices ... if you mean options you're pulling your punch back into the potential ... say rather choice as in your choice to make ... this choice you now are making ... how do I know ... I see what you're doing ... why isn't that just another option ... because you actually did it ... but if you find a gray area between the thought and the synapses firing ... between the action and the intention ... things there would be so foggy you might confuse the subway for the surface ... here the id might blend into the ego ... super ego would still tell us apart

peck, people of the lie, p105

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