Saturday, November 13, 2010


I'm not only a pacrist but I can tell you as the world's only pacrist that all pacrists are sinners ... when I was young I was a thief ... in middle age a lecher ... but I saved till the end the controlling sin of all the others the sin of pride ... in particular I was proud to be a pacrist but in general I was an annoying pain in the ass ... well thank god this more general complaint is settled by my seclusion and the pacres are assigned by way of penance ... to me and to you who read them ... you poor few who have nothing better to do ... but come let's have peace and call it a parsonage ... pasturage finally in our town ... age of the person ... for isn't that our salvation ... flooded in a valley cluttered with ideas there's only one high and wide enough to save us ... true it is a truth a necessary truth the one truth all the human mind must turn to ... but the necessary truth is a necessary being ... not like you or me the ocean or the galaxy not like us but with us ... nothing any of us could call to pin down as if we had the right ... but the living truth which we nailed to a tree

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