Saturday, November 06, 2010


does grammar parse theology ... the first person I is what each of us is to start with ... father to all that follows ... the second person is the most personal the closest we get when we each use the same word for the other ... you ... but when it came to the third person I found the analogy most impressive ... she he they it isn't me talking telling you anything ... it's past the first and the second ... it's on to the third ... and there's a fine expression within it where you and I and what they might think are no longer the subject ... what a relief to talk about something else ... and talk we have ... across centuries flooding into millenia ... you and I led the way made the family but we're not human till we go public ... till the third person arrives ... you I've come to love but we're no good out of context ... it's in the third that we know the context ... in the third person that we describe its contents ... there was an explosion we huddled together in order to survive from doing things together we began to make them together through family tribe kingdom and empire through art and science to the glory of god

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