Thursday, November 04, 2010


o'bama preaches and is driven by a sense of community as old as plato ... a sense indeed of community that is platonic ... power flows down through the strength of wisdom at the top ... children are separated as a class from an ascending series of adults ... from laborers to technicians through teachers to the guardians at the top ... where truth and wisdom are packaged and sent down the slope to the children at the bottom to raise them up from poverty and ill health ... it's a noble picture but it doesn't move ... each year from their birth we bundle each class up the slope to go as far as they can get ... but they're just details ... all the pattern of their movement their purpose that which makes them such a picture to see this design never changes ... but plato had a grandon who didn't agree ... whose nose wasn't in a book ... whose mind wasn't in the middle of a literary discourse ... whose fingers were stained in earth and blood dissecting animals all the way up to god ... who educated princes and advised kings and then saints when it was their turn to learn ... aristotle

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