Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I must practice detachment from the body because the body is going to die and the mind is going to sleep ... the body of course can sense that something is going wrong ... the mind isn't always sure but given time it comes to know ... indeed our culture is designed as an early warning system and if early enough it's like to suggest certain demands which more often than not are met ... and which require our conscious participation ... there comes a time when that can be difficult ... such times are rare for any comic effect though they do have their wry moments ... but the situation regardless for the most part of our participation is itself a thing that seems to have a will ... to put the mind asleep and to dissipate the body ... knowing that the situation always wins dramatically suddenly or gradually and more often cruelly than coolly I must get to work and practice detachment from the body in its current situation ... prepare the mind for bed and hope for a deathbed conversion of the situation from demon to midwife

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