Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I do love idealism but I have to remember that some ideas are true and some are not ... some for example sound great but then go on talking and ruin it ... say ideas are real as real as a dishrag but beautiful and filled with power ... say a planet say a star or the stars in conjunction ... which is to say a dance ... the waves lapping the hips swaying the armies marching air fleets and grand fleets sailing on the high seas of the brain's limbic system ... a chemical pool for dry synapses to recover and to flourish ... and each whole healthy brain pouring faster than its electrical pulsations into the mother's mind ... the world soul ... the overmind and universal perfection ... a system to remember ... therefore one that's right or wrong ... either or ... reincarnation or purgatory ... either one or both ... human perfection on earth or in heaven ... the planet's destination this planet or it becomes another ... it dries up into a dull red cinder a last speck of dried blood on the universal bandage or a walk into the light ... love while you can or love so that you will forever

cf penn jillette on red-eye, aired 11.9.10

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