Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I'll talk politics with you all day if you'll answer three questions I've asked myself ... in one sentence state your theology ... I believe in god the father the son and the holy spirit ... your metaphysics ... I believe reality is composed of three ascending orders body mind spirit ... your politics ... moderate compromise on everything but principle ... let's try some test cases working backward ... where do you stand on hopes for a political utopia ... I think they're thought experiments whose inevitable conclusions warn against their application ... they're idealism disguised as engineering ... they elevate the mind above the body and the spirit to isolate and to kill it ... they are thereby a distorted image of the trinity with a sombre perversion in place of the son ... and gnosticism ... as utopia is an emerging political nightmare gnosticism is its epistemological parent ... how god would think if jesus were crazy or as the devil does think ... what about atheism ... gnosticism's father and son a never-ending circle always ending in death ... you say day I'll say night you say be I'll say not

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