Thursday, November 04, 2010


this is a strange division of evil persons into two groups ... one a kind of natural evil like volcanoes or earthquakes psychopaths missing a conscience ... and the other type the liars who deceive themselves first ... censoring manipulating the truth they receive from their conscience ... we are all sinners but they think themselves sinless ... it's a powerful surmise ... to qualify as an evil person you must first tell yourself a lie ... you may say it first to others but it doesn't count till you believe it yourself ... you spin it ... you tweak it ... qualify it by extensions amend it by intention till it says what you meant it to say from the start ... what you say on the spot you justify by complicated calculation in numbers or words till you get the verdict you require ... true this is a well-known type within the soul but a type the only that's evil ... true pilgrims on the road to salvation know they're sinners but the ones who don't know this are heading to damnation ... not the moral imbeciles the natural disasters but the ones who work at telling the lie well ... who lie like hell to get there

m scott peck, people of the lie, ch 2, "toward a psychology of evil"

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