Tuesday, November 09, 2010


cut the ego off on the left ... now snip it on the right ... let it float to the surface ... let it fly through the sky ... give in on purpose to one of its wishes ... for solitude on high ... but bring it back down shortly ... set it up on dry ground a banner on a pole ... walk beside underneath ... what's the slogan for the day ... LJC SOTLG ... have mercy on me a sinner ... limited joyful community ... limited by law joyful by compliance ... a study in such compliance ... son of the living god ... for what makes sense of ethics but metaphysics with theology behind her ... I mean you can have evidence of design of coherence even a dim beauty but what's it worth with no light behind it and ahead ... I mean fine pick a ruler then call for his mercy but what's the point if you don't know who he is ... unless his name itself is all you need to know and you know it ... unless you know the god you worship isn't dead ... climb the pole bring the flag down give it a good washing the air here isn't what it should be ... lead jesus conquer ... lord jesus christ ... have mercy on me in my sins ... or have you my friend on the other hand something better

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