Thursday, November 11, 2010


how can you pray always ... you'd bump into furniture and trees ... you couldn't talk to anyone else or hear them ... why you couldn't think straight about anything at all but this conversation with god ... or am I missing something ... well yeah there are lots of people who do it and lots of books on how they do ... but prior to such simple research how would you explain it ... we could start out using our prayer as a filler ... it would have to be short so you would know it by heart ... maybe just one sentence just a few short words so when you paused to take a breath you could throw it in on the exhale ... or when things begin to get dicey and when normal conversation and thought get crowded out step up the rpm ... instead of spacing out or going into shock you might go the other way and think the prayer slowly ... in the midst of a crowded discordant council in the middle of your head you could pray the room quiet with a cadenced repetition ... but this is tactical advice in danger of enlisting in the incantation choir and ignoring the strategic purpose of the prayer ... the one within you who hears it

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