Thursday, November 04, 2010


the ego went for whatever reason the ego goes anywhere ... for the idea of it ... the id goes to sabotage the going there ... the ego infatuated with the idea intoxicated with the word of it prances mimics gestures across the stage ... in a word declaims ... but the spirit super ego the spirit is quiet it listens it considers and it learns ... next day too bad the id has pulled the ego down ... just on the verge of finding the word for what the spirit has said the id calls the ego to bed ... just as well the ego was on the wrong floor anyway well above its natural height ... they spoke in symbols up there as if the words they used were numbers in a line ... they spoke of narrow concepts at the end of long thin branches ... what a bird this ego would be to settle down so large and clumsy on such a line of thought ... besides perfection of a dissolute profusion was all the rage there when the ego still mostly a mumbler was trying to remember ... no wait that doesn't sound right ... what is that word the ego tries to recall ... the thing the spirit said

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