Tuesday, October 12, 2010


a spiritually mad culture because we are distracted ... on the trail of the great beyond we are tempted to linger and stray ... here take the first lash or the pounding of the first nail no straying or wish to linger there but revelation ... round one and the devil wins ... round two and entropy reigns ... things by nature fall apart ... concentration falters ... logic is ruined ... our thoughts fly away ... we are distracted ... and now for a moment but the last one lost ... even at the first creation we have no reason why ... here at the second we have no least conception how but everything starts anew ... it wasn't just the dying of the light it was the loss of mind ... not just the decomposition ... that we thought we could survive ... but the soul's decay ... just let that thought enter and like a worm through the ear it eats away the brain ... nothing more to prosper ... that's why it has to start again ... the absolute offence penalty and punishment is absolutely complete ... and now once again from nothing you get nothing ... so to have something then is to have it all all of it gratis

harold bloom the american religion p4

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