Sunday, October 17, 2010


gnosticism without christ is just class against institution ... like hippies against the establishment ... or the untouchables against all the other hindus ... I don't know but this might be right ... I think of kerouac and cassady or kesey and leary and the term gnostic seems to apply ... but then I think of hindus and buddhists and again and just as well it seems to apply ... and I start to worry ... is everything without christ gnostic ... just nascent or decreprit ... approved by many or just a few ... but especially by the many thinking they are the few ... we sages politicians doctors and professors artists dancers accountants matadors and martyrs we know what's best and whether on mars or venus or another star galaxy or dimension what we know here will be verified there ... and if the soul can migrate wouldn't the devil rule if nowhere could this be true ... that knowledge saves and will save us again ... and yet I worry ... that this truth will just float away and cannot be nailed down

tom wolfe, the electric kool-aid acid test

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