Wednesday, October 13, 2010


american gnostic at play in his mind is better than with people around him ... the critic says it's the abyss to the abyss the gnostic to the world before god made it ... but I find myself that this is too simple ... while I live there's always the devil between us ... because I'm a christian for me that's the meaning of life ... to get rid of the devil the obstacle and danger in front of me by asking jesus to replace him ... this of all plans is the most clever and based upon centuries of research ... for jesus the guide and intermediary turns out to be both direction and destination ... the one for which the many has its being ... that for the sake of which as aristotle called it is an abyss only to pride a pit only to error at the bottom of which at the horizon of the loss of existence is the devil just where you'd expect to find him ... look around at the world behind us filled with instruction about evil ... not gnosis or hidden knowledge but history ... history and common sense ... not abyss to abyss but suffering humility to pleroma

bloom american religion pp 14-15

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