Friday, October 15, 2010


it's easy to pray to god ... the lord has layers ... beauty surprise books insults gratitude humility meekness silence a peaceful obedient joyful spirit work to do and skill to do it lessons to learn and years enough to learn them sorrow when you should feel it care when you should take when you should give it wisdom to know how often life is a poor conversation with at least one false adviser mental excitement seeing an idea as if it were your fingers sweeping across a map ... when the answer has been waiting all the decades of your life ... when unlike any other the answer is alive ... a live wisdom ... the living word ... layers of profundity implication and device but a living breathing thinking action leading you up the steps ... a present problem a future solution but a presence throughout ... here in the throes of your calculation at the height of your isolation a companion a philosopher a friend ... and when you have no last breath to take a new breath to breathe a new life

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