Sunday, October 17, 2010


say there was a small roulette wheel at the nexus of six or seven people and the possibility that one or none of them would be the first to say or decide a certain sentence ... say ... good now I have a right not to respond ... or ... this will be better for them than it will be for me ... and as a result of that sentence spoken or decision taken the sum total of evil realized rises ... now say that wilde was right and that we have something like a soul that the eyes in the head cannot see or the reason in the mind understand ... and that it suffers deformity whenever it's near evil being realized ... and that this deformation crumbles it inside or out near or far in gravity as our intimacy with the evil intensifies or lets go ... it doesn't hurt the body directly or distress the mind immediately but both are diminished in health because the framework of the universe both spiritual and moral is weakened compromised degraded ... what's the right response to the sound of that wheel spinning

the picture of dorian gray

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