Wednesday, September 29, 2010


the constraints of language its paltry and inept commands drive the young metaphysical lothario the yml to distraction ... he knows that which he desires is inexpressible given the present deficit in the vocabulary budget ... he will play a weak hand in its strong suit ... a skinny grammar will give him license to say what he wants about any desire he will entertain because the language is so weak ... you know what I mean will be his constant conclusion ... you know his persistent punctuation ... for everyone knows what's best for himself or those who don't will be told ... but not to worry those in the know the real know should they be careless and fall with just a little retraining in the current idiom will be absolved ... for now there's just one deadly sin to avoid ... self-denial ... only one insanity ... picking up the one thing to ignore ... your cross ... a thing we make purposely obvious and easy to avoid by talking around it whenever we can ... fault conscience pain and disease ... by talking round truth as if meaning were a potato too hot to hold and not more and greater reality talking

mccabe god matters ch 14 on sacraments and n t wright judas and the gospel of jesus (esp p 144) on the gnostics

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