Tuesday, September 14, 2010


you can argue there are no evil desires just ill-proportioned and misdirected ... too intense not intense enough ... too angry not angry enough ... right place wrong time ... too bright too mellow ... always out of step even to murder ... it's why job has a fair complaint ... he's innocent as far as that goes but his punishment goes way further out of all proportion ... but you know job is in pain ... he's the hero in the final scene of a passion play ... he's naturally anxious to see how it turns out we say in ironic advantage ... he's fed up too tired of being too passive too long ... answer me make things right you've weighed all my freedom down except my hope you've given me that you must mean to give me more ... or I die ... up here at our end we just close the book light the pipe go to bed ... down there the conversation's just begun ... job powerless but in conversation full of potential ... potent pregnant with hope ... what an ambition ... how many born so we may come to the right conclusion ... the right answer to job's question ... his potential ours speaking to pure act ... here on the shore and we silent

mccabe god matters ch 3 p36; kreeft ycuot 93-94; compendium 78; john 21:12b

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