Sunday, September 05, 2010


we were kids in college and we heard there were people who wanted to be totally aware ... so not wishing to join them or study too much about them we figured to save time we'd crack the code ourselves ... what we came up with was a two-part combination will and idea ... not the chronological order between them but the one that counted in importance ... for we meant to do things and get them done with our wisdom once we got it together ... half a century later we see indeed things did get done and we were the ones that did them ... during the day ... but at night we still planned the big things ... thus the disconnect between night and day ... between mature practice and theory still developing ... till a messenger arrives with the last piece ... one word ... virtue ... and another word vice on the reverse ... completes the picture ... potential practice dispositions forming ... reliable habits for good or bad ... farewell fealty to the immature ... we're headed up to the east side philosophy intact ... virtue is better than vice ... we all saw the same thing after all ... nothing else has relevance ... we see vaguely what the young one saw brightly ... evidence

mccabe on aquinas ch 10; kreeft ycuot pp 78-79; john 19:35

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