Saturday, September 25, 2010


this inner sense we share with cats and dogs owls and magpies that leads to a first conclusion that we have an inside and out ... what does it say when the teacher comes into the room ... like two cats still staring into the sky we sense the presence of the quiet truth ... here now on the outside a thing to which all the inside is attentive ... this inner sense wordless as always now in the presence of the word ... what will it say and all through history no? keep repeating ... we the intellectualized brute given a big brain to say what with it ... what to answer when called on ... what to say when challenged ... this monad of good animal sense suddenly has a window and look over there a door as well ... look out the window but open the door ... one to be on the inside looking out ... the other to go through ... but you can't do that sitting by the window looking out ... but look again the teacher having been in the room just a short time has walked out ... here's where the theoretical and the practical meet ... says out to in what's your sense of it ... should we follow 2/3

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