Sunday, September 19, 2010


packing boxes in a warehouse or grocery bags at the checkout year after year ... say the soul behind the hands has come to peace and packs what he must with grace ... he fills the form and does it blithely ... what's the meaning of that ... the poet with his sonnet the reporter his five hundred words after a while they flow with the go of it no matter what they say ... how do they explain that ... the retired scholar defeated by his craft still follows the routine ... each morning read underline make a note ... what's the point when phrases are moved massaged and put into new skimping clauses that sound sweet but mean less than they did before ... are all the planets waltzing over the falls are the galaxies twirling out into space and just one voice to cry wait I know something better ... freeze the frame ... everybody turns to hear ... forget it he says my mistake in truth I have nothing to add ... and in truth what could he have said that hasn't been heard before when everything was said two thousand years ago ... press the button return to play on with the show ... we know our part when we mean the lines

lee strobel the case for the real jesus ch 1; kreeft ycuot 98-99; and compendium 73: for his cure

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