Sunday, September 26, 2010


but what about the argument that if there is this substantial change we wind up eating christ ... yes you may reply we do ... christ's body ... the resurrected body of jesus ... eat it drink it breathe it in ... become intoxicated by this antitoxin supreme ... the air and manner of infallible success ... not the blood and sizzling fat of prime ribs over the fire or shredded muscle in the predator's mouth ... not the satisfied full feeling of rolling over in the leaves with a grunt ... a change in accidental circumstances from relative want to comparative plenty ... but a simple absolute change of substance ... the cannibals knew what they were doing ... they were on the right track ... just off location out of time and dimension ... you can't really swallow spirit ... it's not the murder or the skill it took to do it that can earn spirit as a reward ... there's nothing we can do to earn such a reward ... it has to be given ... that's the spirit ... so yes have a bite of christ ... develop not so much a taste but a hunger for it ... down the hatch they say ... like a lightning bolt 2/2

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