Monday, September 13, 2010


if anything is free it's also independent ... but everything depends on god ... therefore nothing is free ... what kind of trouble would we all be in if this syllogism is valid ... thank god it's not ... the first premise means more than it lets on ... its deficiency hides itself in custom ... namely the verbal usage of god's name as just another noun ... as if god were just another subject to which predicates adhere ... a thing with an essence we can define ... with characteristics we can describe ... sooner or later we come to resent those we most rely on ... it's part of our essence the way we've come to develop ... who can deny god ... he fills the room of anyone's presence with his own ... who can breathe for fury that all the freedom is sucked out of the air ... if god were just another thing competing for space and attention ... if not the foundation before anything making everything possible ... if not the conclusion every argument attempts ... the answer every time we ask ... what then should we have but manipulation and control ... if god is not always other than where would we find the room to love 1/2

mccabe god matters ch 2

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