Saturday, September 11, 2010


honor is beautiful ... in a soldier a priest a politician a marriage ... but if the link between the two is more than accidental how close to necessary does it become that the beautiful is honest ... no more beautiful villains or evil-minded courtesans or great but bad men ... the picture of his own dorian gray is on every man's face ... and would be of course if we saw as we were meant to be ... and why blame that we're not on what we should be ... don't the freudians call that projection ... and isn't that just what we mean ... throw it away pin it on someone else ... aren't they all just more forms of rejection ... won't have the truth won't take the offer but will do all we can to cover it up to forget it ... clarity and proportion the two hallmarks of the honest truth ... obfuscation and injustice the trademarks of deceit ... we must admit no ... the parts do seem to fit ... honor knows it will wait if it must for beauty ... it's what gives patience its appeal ... and beauty never was she more stirring than sitting by the window with her feet up and a book in her lap thinking softly in repose ... ah there now she says ... that surely that ... that's the truth

mccabe on aquinas ch 15, pp 171-172

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