Saturday, September 18, 2010


there had to be diversity because nothing can be one but one and we're not it ... but did there have to be so much of it ... it's confusing ... now it wouldn't be if something weren't broken ... at the least our understanding but more ... something in the fabric of the law that says after addition there must come subtraction ... first a birth then a death ... and before you can multiply and be fruitful you must divide and destroy ... the old must hurry from the path that now belongs to the young ... think for a moment it has to be done ... but that doesn't make it right ... if we must take the worm's part even a worm can turn and tunnel back up to the surface ... and isn't that the meaning of our life in all this diverse confusion to break through the static out into the clear ... repeatedly or to try ... suddenly the old medium oxygen and gravity is breathless and too light ... out with the bad air in with the new ... so rarefied and pure you're immediately up high ... and now see your eyes are finally open ... that is we come into a new dimension ... we must ... from the start we knew we were told that the old one would die

compendium 72; mccabe god matters 71; kreeft ycuot 97-98

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