Friday, September 03, 2010


without anger how would you have the strength or courage to defend justice ... pilate was angry with the jews ... together he and they had murdered a just man ... the jews and the romans who lived by the law ... now the scribes came demanding a he said and king of the jews in quotes ... a typical passion for men of the pen ... but pilate was a man of the sword who are often touchy about spelling and grammar and he refused ... what I've written I have written ... and he had his revenge ... which is what anger is for ... so he posted his horizontal notice in three layers of speech hebrew latin and greek with the cross running through it and the body of christ below to support it ... pinned down as it were to the earth against the sky ... or like a red flag on the map ... we had a second chance and they just skewered it to hell ... why the hell then aren't we angry too ... justice incarnate defiled and we to pay the price ... I don't know why most of us are not or how many just don't care but for me it's guilt ... complicity ... much too much I'd have done the same ... I still don't understand

mccabe on aquinas ch 8; john 19:19-22; kreeft ycuot p75

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