Tuesday, September 21, 2010


if we were made in the image of god some of his perfection must have rubbed off onto us ... for that's what happens to the lesser being in such an encounter ... he learns he grows in wisdom he wakes up and sometimes he has to die to do it ... it's this background static the present reminder that something once did happen and still does behind us almost to touch that drives us though we do our best to veer left or right ... it's a crowded road abreast life's procession as we perform our way through ... speaking singing dancing painting writing filling every space with our mark ... and what a clean-up crew we must be who follow ... I only ask take a look around ... how much of a mess are we in ... the one thing I think would surprise us is what a large part of it makes sense ... in moments of brief clarity it's the same story every time ... indeed if it had no matter this one story told many times would rise up in the air conflate and take off into space ... if it didn't have us to weigh it down ... let's be honest hold it down pin it nail it kill it if we must ... I wouldn't say kill it if it didn't keep pushing

compendium 74; mccabe god matters ch 8

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