Monday, September 27, 2010


see it pays to wait and hear the other side ... transubstantiation now is said to be a misleading term because it indicates a transfer of substances when the only thing it shows is that we've come to the end of our tether ... the limits of what we can do with the words we have ... what happens to the bread here isn't what happens to dogs on the run or cats on the prowl when they die and decompose but to us when we die and don't decompose but take on a new body so subtle and expertly powerful living in a world which is source and promise to any hope we have here now that all our present words and structures of language must pass it by the elbow and never know it was there ... but that at good times alone in thought we remember in passing a picture a snapshot taken as we went by and later stored but given no caption ... and here finally is time to smile ... what better time to laugh when come to harbor sitting at table having a drink in good company ... remember when we said this remember when we thought that ... we were so young then and since we've grown still younger

mccabe god matters ch 12

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