Tuesday, September 21, 2010


you can't treat jesus as a buddy ... I don't ... I thank god for the sages and saints in between ... he's not at my right hand not even my elbow but he's just across the room even if the room is crowded ... all around me in between are family ... never was a love like this before ... that's the music playing ... I spend the day attending to the uncles ... most of them still living but some of them dead ... point is they're older and more than me much wiser ... you know I'd slip them a note to carry over to jesus if I weren't more frightened of how they'd respond ... especially the ancients ... I know what they'd say ... take it yourself no one's in your way ... except me I know I'd respond ... except me but say it to myself ... I listen during the day to the uncles talking ... listen with my eyes ... but they understand when we come to dinner at the table I've forgotten what they said ... but I have these notes in my pocket to remind me ... colors on a page ... pages in a book ... on a good day and more good days now than bad something brilliant from the uncles in their notes to god

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