Thursday, September 09, 2010


if there were no true distinction between universal and particular then porn would just be skin and nothing wrong with that ... if there were nothing immaterial then the light on a tanned forearm the light through all the air in a lovely day at the beach on that arm nonetheless would be the end of day its desire and satisfaction all day long till night ... if there were nothing past the senses ... and surely surely that's the attraction ... not purpose or plan or conflicted execution ... but a lovely warm bright distraction ... when time itself as we live it is layered out like slices on a plate some tastier and others more healthy till we die ... if truth were just a word and every word just another sound ... unless time were in fact the measured beat of a story ... and a word whispered in your ear at night filled with venom or delight each had its meaning ... unless meaning had a master in the truth and truth a name you'd remember ... unless all the universe in one bright flash of an idea gave truth its meaning and put us in touch with something really solid here now

mccabe on aquinas chs 12 + 13

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