Saturday, September 04, 2010


the bishop asked why didn't you call for help ... the priest answered I thought it was too far away ... it's easy to think big thoughts ... they are most natural ... from the particular just strip the universal ... from matter take away the form ... from anything proper we can always get something common ... it only depends on what you think is common ... in the rooms where things are most proper they serve the finest wine but caesar's common soldiers on duty got a wine that was sour ... common is not usually a thing to aim for but proper in its perfection does seem so far away ... whatever was common to that must surely bring an end to this world ... the universal that raised the particular ... the material brought finally to act by the form ... it's easy if you have the talent fine if you have the friends but commonly at least impossible if you don't ... you need a sharp eye and an educated ear to pick out the proprieties ... what good are courage and temperance if you don't have their address ... but I hear the bishop talking and suddenly I see how he's right ... the hyssop by itself isn't strong enough but after the wine everything's done

manzoni the betrothed chs 25 + 26; compendium 62; tom wright john for everyone 19:29-30

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