Monday, September 20, 2010


there are gnostics and agnostics and people who have religion ... gnostics have themselves agnostics the world for what it's worth everyone else has god ... by gnostics I mean western secular progressive culture ... by agnostic I mean the secular libertarians often considered conservative and often well-to-do ... the impetus you might think of most entrepreneurs ... religion thinks it talks about god that is it thinks there is a god and it knows enough to talk about him ... thus him to start with though it knows it's neither him nor her to finish ... you can tell the difference between a progressive and a libertarian by asking if they're religious ... the libertarian says no thanks and the progressive says not religious but spiritual ... and what he means is progress materially ... for himself and others who see or will see the process of history as he does ... now since religion has a larger concern than the human it's the libertarian and the progressive who are the rulers of this world ... and when they collaborate they run it well ... sometimes however the gnostics grow fervid

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