Friday, September 10, 2010


the foundation of justice is friendship so the sage the saint and the scholar all say ... am I my brother's keeper the surly sinner says ... worse still the trio respond ... you must keep your neighbor in virtue also ... for all people are your brother sister and parent too ... I never did like justice the solipsist complains ... makes my inward life awkward to think of another and his due ... I've my own house to put in order ... what a revolution if this unreal other were true ... well think of it this way the sage says ... life should be like a well-run city where at first people do things for a reward but at last do them because they're a part of that reward ... a new and better second nature ... think of it like this says the saint ... life is a journey from one garden to another but through a jungle a desert and a flood to get there ... a healthy well-ordered growing place during the day ... a cool place for reflection in the evening ... well-ordered in virtue ... no social contract needed ... where the soil is fertile and the grave empty ... and the gardener knows your name

mccabe on aquinas ch 14; john 20: 15-16

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