Monday, September 13, 2010


if whenever we love we're in god's presence but more to the point he's in ours ... when we die and come to our reward in heaven how then could there be any distance or room between god and us ... where's our freedom then if we're just fingers to his glove ... but if god is freedom are we not less and less free the more static there is between us ... if god is generosity particularly in revelation ... if god gives us a motion picture of his life his internal essence ... shouldn't we buy a ticket ... but maybe not if we're the screen the picture plays on ... if yes we can get to heaven but don't leave the show early ... all right if every breath you take fills you with being and every thought you have clothes you in truth but first you have to hear the whole story ... understand how it reads in human ... and play your part too ... will you see the argument through ... this is how it runs ... this is how it ends ... each of us takes the starring role ... with all this power in your fist wouldn't it be easy to love everyone ... if you had the script to write ... but here's the one you're given and it ends with a cross 2/2

mccabe god matters ch 2

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