Saturday, September 25, 2010


the intellect perceives the end and the means leading to it and the relation between the two ... but this allows the intellect to be the cause of its own judgment ... but that which is a cause unto itself we call free ... thus it's our intellect makes us free ... its object is the truth ... so it's the truth that will set us free ... this is offered among others to the listless bored of heart the wanton the promiscuous and the effete to the dilettante in all of us ... leave your room come out of the house wade into the stream of congregants ... each of us has the same purpose ... to tell the truth ... we first must find it ... wade in do the work read the books study ... sooner or later you'll come to christ ... christ who had a plan but was rejected ... jesus who told the truth and was murdered ... how would the intellect read such an encounter ... must it not conclude the truth will set us free but will kill us first ... what sound reason then would choose to continue ... if freedom meant death and death were final ... no ... freedom demands more than that ... after death resurrection 1/3

compendium 76

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