Sunday, September 26, 2010


so the argument said a piece of bread is a piece of bread ... we must continue to know at least that ... the essence they say but not the appearance has changed ... the substance not the accidents ... this substantial change would be the activation of a prior potential ... say my potential of becoming food in the belly of the lion ... but in god there is no potential to become another substance ... there is no potential at all ... this pre-prime piece of matter always prime is never material ... and no potential in the other direction of a piece of bread becoming god ... no possible causal connection one way or the other between them ever ... and I before I hear from a better mind agree ... but do say rather on a hint from that mind that this is exactly what you would expect ... the eucharist if it were possible must be miraculous ... no less so than the incarnation resurrection or creation at the start ... especially the last as it makes clear you must start from scratch ... another name for nothing ... if there's a prime lump of matter prior ... a heap of potential only ... that too must start from here

cf g egner in mccabe god matters ch 11

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