Thursday, September 23, 2010


what if hume is correct there is no necessary connection between cause and effect ... or if kant's right and time and space are human apperceptions ... or leibniz is right and only coincidental events link person to person ... or berkeley is right and something must be perceived before it can be ... or aristotle and aquinas are right no conception without a preceding perception ... and say finally with thomas that by abstracting the intelligible from the material we get closer to god ... can't we get a group photo showing the universe of space and time together in a great big block ... all the action as we perceive it is bouncing side to side from top to bottom within the box ... in the middle of the turmoil right dab center is the human mind in crisis in a panic that it might get cut off hits the button on the phone and cannot stop repeating ... are you there ... are you there ... can you hear me ... I'm too old for this ... if we ever get reconnected I'm going to insist the next plan has a guaranteed connection ... I know uncertainty is necessary for the virtue of prudence but I need assurance outside the box

mccabe god matters p109; compendium 75; strobel real jesus challenge 3

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