Tuesday, September 21, 2010


if there is just one story being told and we each tell it by our story the way we live ... and we do this by way of reflection as being made in the image of that story being told ... as a mirror sometimes one way sometimes two ... you see yourself or you see through ... and now in your mind's eye you see above it off to the side in inner immaterial space ... flashes of light here are conceptions ... planets and stars stable ideas ... opinions are comets mistakes are falling stars ... like a wondering child our eyes grow large and we see new worlds where ideas are gods ... we meet there as we grow young the objects of our desire ... or at least we think we do ... in any event we take them back with us as we grow up and our eyes narrow ... we smuggle them in these gods and goddesses of desire ... we don't announce but secretly follow ... but as we grow old and they stay young we find in them what you'd expect ... they were real but not personal ... solid line shape and color but not dimensional ... first love but in someone else's imagination ... in fact for men everyman's lilith

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