Saturday, September 25, 2010


the intellect and the inner sense would by definition have no point of contact or what would it be where could they meet ... the universal and the particular ... the sense of smell and eternal truth ... not that they don't but how or why should they ... isn't the beating of the heart measured by the inner sense following its flow ... the passage of time ... is outside the heart already in the measure and pace because of its meaning sensed from the start ... the voyage through life beat by beat before the heart's formation up to the moment of death ... the sense of existence inside and out ... resigned both to living and to death the philosopher cat mute for eternity ... unless a friend translate from wordless to word ... unless one animal speak of something more than the particular ... not of this smell or that direction but of why we smell or even bother to go this way or that on a good day as well as a bad ... of how in the midst of all these trends one way or the other one particular not universal one only saved us all 3/3

strobel real jesus ch 4

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