Sunday, November 01, 2009


to play is to pray and to work is to prepare for play ... to play is to pretend ... let's pretend we understand everything at least everything to hand ... here are the basic elements to the formation of our new universe ... the board the pieces a set of rules ... matter form two or more free agents and a purpose or reason to play ... the victory conditions ... and if you get frustrated and throw the pieces across the room rip up the board and the rules then we have chaos ... and surely soon after a new theory a new set of rules to explain it ... kittens play dogs play ... when we play we play parts ... we imitate others in roles we see them play ... children play their parents ... whom do the parents play ... is it the memory of their parents ... how like our parents we've become ... as they played in the memory of their parents ... and so on back down through the ages ... must I be adam will you be eve ... whom did they pretend to be before the fall ... or was that before pretense or the need of it ... the need to learn slowly trying to remember ... repeating the truth again and again to remember the time before we forgot ... our conversations with god

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