Sunday, November 29, 2009


it was somebody else's scheme ... I never signed on to it ... I'm not surprised to see it failing now ... I'm just sorry to be chained to another who thinks of each new plan this is the one to obviate all the others ... there may be another option ... there may be a new devotion ... not to this or that nor to everything in between but to something beyond ... the cynic and the enthusiast have a marriage made in hell where no divorce of course is permitted in such a circumstance ... in heaven there are no cynics and no enthusiasts ... they work it out in purgatory before they come to paradise ... on earth you may say life's a struggle ... the devil in fact has the option on mein kampf ... but in purgatory struggle is life and it always works out ... on earth the boot bites ... you could loosen the lace but you'd rather the bite ... it's a good gamble and gamble you must ... will this be the last frustration ... the one that throws you into the pit ... probably not ... let's take it then ... maybe it will count ... in purgatory everything taken does count ... you get thrown but there are no more pits and no more gambles ... you've put your hand out already ... it's being held

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