Sunday, November 29, 2009


what do you search for ... wisdom ... what do you find ... better questions ... not lord why don't you answer me ... but lord I know you're telling me ... where shall I go to hear you ... not why is biography so appealing ... but where can you see the good life ... not why are these things wrong ... but why is anything right ... we wonder at a miracle and think it a violation of the law of nature but don't see the law itself as a miracle ... we question the logic of the incarnation but don't think twice of the logic of creation ... we say you can't turn water into wine ... yet we think of a grape as nothing remarkable ... we mark time passing and fiddle with numbers when we should be working with letters and higher-order reason ... what is it about these numbers ... string along enough of them and the answer you get sure seems right even if it's to the wrong question ... we mean more than calculation ... though calculation is sweet ... we mean more than forecast though the forecast is precise ... we even mean more than words when all the answers are one word to the right question

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